Monday, November 10, 2008

A First Pair of Socks

In which a first time Sock Knitter knits a pair of socks:

a. Without knitting a gauge swatch.

b. With no pattern.

c. With no clue of how to turn a heel.

d. And insists on learning from her mistakes by making an uneven pair... You know, it took too long to knit the first sock to unravel it again.

OK, so the part about no pattern was an exaggeration. I did use a pair of hand knit socks I received for my birthday (made by my mother). And I felt confident enough that I could figure out how to turn the heel by looking at my model. Some day I will actually try and read a pattern to see if I did it "right." The socks turned out so that's right enough for now. The thing about the gauge swatch though... it would have helped to knit one. Note the part about the uneven pair of socks. I also wasn't paying attention to the toe decrease, resulting in somewhat pointy toes. My mother used a different thickness of yarn and size 2.5 needles. Minor details, ha ha!

Pattern: Mom's Birthday Sock
Material: Kiogu handpainted merino sock wool
Amount: Two skeins
Needles: Size 1 bamboo
Started: June 11, 2008
Finished: September 27, 2008

One of the most enjoyable aspects of these socks? They were knitted mostly on my Europe vacation last summer. Nothing is quite as civilized as riding through the countryside in a train while knitting.


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Unknown said...


These socks look great! I am especially impressed as you did not have a pattern and I am still working on my first pair. The scarves are also great, my wife knitted me a Harry Potter scarf that I wear all the time so kudos to you!