Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ribby Ruffley Cowl Experiment

I fell in love with some Berroco Boboli yarn at the Orchardside Yarn Shop in Virginia on vacation last summer. However, I was too cheap (and busy) to invest in the necessary 3 skeins for the short-sleeve T I was drooling over. So instead I experimented with a little one-skein improvised cowl pattern starting in rib and then finishing with a little ruffle.
 It looks a little silly with no neck inside! More like a volcano or artistic vase. :-)

I made the Ruffle using THIS tutorial. 
Wearing it turns out to be fun with options.

Plain put it on and go look.
Folded down neck for added warmth on a windy day.
Folded look under a jacket in the cold.
The muffler; or is that a spy film I should be auditioning for?

Finally, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Who would have thought that 2014 could get here so quickly? For me, 2013 surely had some severe tribulations, but I did enjoy the second half much more and am gratefully counting my blessings. The BEST to all of you! Till next year and next time... :-)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Yarn Forest

This  exciting simple pattern inspired me to attempt to knit an Advent calendar's worth of little trees. Unfortunately, time ran out and I only managed to finish 18. Perhaps I will finish it for next year. And the following year 24 lucky friends will get these as wine bottle toppers. In the mean time, I will just enjoy arranging and rearranging my little forest.  Cheers!

Day 3

Day 5

Day 6: St Nicholas Day!

18 trees, you get the idea...

St. Nicholas could use a beard and a real face...

Bead ornament tree topper

Santa is hiking through the woods.

Gnome's - eye view of the forest

Ariel cut-away; stay tuned...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

And Don't Forget to Wash Behind Your Ears...

A few special children in my life needed a little something to open for Christmas this year, so I decided to use up some impulse-purchase cotton yarn to knit washcloths. Add some novelty soaps from the dollar stocking stuffer bin at Walgreens and, violá, a useful and fun gift to keep them clean and smelling nice! The kids who got the tropical fish in a bag were especially fascinated by the idea of having to "free the fish" by bathing. Ha! 

One cloth was entirely garter stitch, while the other six had squares of alternating knit and purl squares with garter stitch borders. I used three skeins of Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn to make seven total washcloths.

Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Festivities! Take a warm bath and enjoy!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Best Mother-In-Law Award

Stereotypes aside, making your mother-in-law happy should be a priority for any married person. Fortunately it is an easy task for me, as mine is 110% awesome, welcoming, and a great friend! 
Enjoying the company of amazing in-laws who adore hand-knit products is a particular pleasure of mine, which made knitting a sweater for my mother in law a great joy. She has been "in the sweater queue" for several years and this resulting Lamb's Lace Cardi by Christina Wall is the happy result. The wish for this pattern was inspired by the Hey Teach sweater I knit myself a few years ago. Lamb's Lace was so much easier to execute as a top-down raglan pattern and a relatively quick knit for those of your looking for a great pattern.

 I ended up crocheting the front together due to running out of yarn twice AND forgetting to set a buttonhole. The awesome Edelweiss button (found at JoAnn Fabrics) is just sewn on top as a finishing touch.
The sweater fit the recipient perfectly, thanks to a head start on knitting on a family vacation and then plenty of patience as the August birthday deadline came and went with the panic of running out of yarn and finding that perfect fit. I am glad I waited to finish it until this Thanksgiving holiday. Working out the finishing details together was a definite process not to be attempted long distance.
Three cheers for great family!