Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The Farmer and I enjoyed our nephews and their parents as they visited for their Spring Break. This picture was a favorite of mine from today. We were dying Easter eggs this afternoon with the eggs that our chicken Athena laid. She was looking on for a while...
Can you just hear her inner dialog?

"My children! What have they done to them?!"

"I could tell they were MY eggs because they WERE white!"

"Darrell! Why did you jump off the cliff!" (To the cracked one.)

"Teen-agers! Why do they need to through the phase where they dye their shells in awkward colors?"

"Let me cuff your ears to straighten you out!" (While aggressively pecking the eggs.)

"The horror! The shock! My heart!"

"Checking the merchandise to make sure they are up to Easter Bunny expectations... YES! They pass! I rule at laying perfection!"



Saturday, April 12, 2014

Got Kisses?

Party time at the farm tonight! The graduate students were raising money for a school in Kenya again, by donating money and voting who should kiss one of our chickens. They all brought massive amounts of delicious foods and a lot of fun games to play. 

However, somehow the animals always steal the show:

First, alpaca admiring.

Heinrich gets some love from the students.
Last year's Kiss the Chicken candidate renews his friendship.

The Farmer/Professor himself gets to do the honors this year! One kiss for two chickens... I hope they don't feel cheated.

Ensemble cast of characters
More loving... Tenny and Athena are soaking up the attention, regardless of who won the contest to give the winning kisses! Come back tomorrow, will ya?!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


A list of things to be excited about today:
It's Spring Break!
These nephews are coming to visit next week!
Spring flowers are starting to bloom!
I'm obsessed with this knit egg pattern.

 I plan to add a nest and some chicks as well, before it's all said and done.

Between knitting sweet nothings and accidentally picking up my favorite Harry Potter book, I am not getting as much accomplished as I had planned so far this week. But I am enjoying myself for now!
Joining with Ginny's Yarn Along today. Have a happy day!