Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was pushing for a strong finish to my shrug, which has been languishing since, well, many months this year...

When I ran out of yarn on Saturday...

And the yarn store had every colorway of this brand and weight, except this one...
So now it's on hold again until my specially ordered yarn comes in...

I guess I'll try knitting something else! Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Did you know alpacas were animals that liked to take a walk on a leash? Me either, but it is a nice way for them to go out and get some air! We didn't go far, and they did not seem interested in grazing.

If you give a girl an alpaca,
she'll want to take it for a stroll.
If the walk is long,
she will want to feed the alpaca some grain.
The grain will make the fleece grow twice a fast,
and the girl will want to shear it.
After shearing the alpaca,
the girl will need a drum carder.
And when all the fiber is aligned as roving,
she will need a spinning wheel.
When the roving is spun to yarn,
the girl will knit shawls and sweaters.
When many knit goods are completed,
she will demand a store,
In which to sell her goods.
To make more money,
To buy another alpaca...
To take on another stroll...

Oh yes, I'm getting ahead of myself: Happy Knitting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

They're here!

Yesterday, two of our three new alpacas came to live with us on the farm.

Three attentive beasts, from left to right: Tenny, Moonstar, and 'Greta.

Day and Night

Moonstar is as brightly colored as day and is almost fully grown. Softest fleece ever - YUM!

'Greta, dark as night, is built like a tank. She is also very soft, but her fiber is little coarser than Moonstar's.

Is someone coming to feed us??!!

Bella Oak will be joining us in a few months. Do you see her cute cria peeking out over her back?

Monday, November 1, 2010


We brought our first farm animal home yesterday! I have never been more enthusiastic about an animal, let alone a dog. This young lady is truly magnificent. Her stature is noble, her coat is composed of a wonderful thick white fur that does not get dirty, and her personality is out of this world. I could not think of a more gentle and loving animal. The aura of serenity that floats around her is unbelievable. Nonetheless, she is a guard dog and has an energetic bark. Watch out deer and coyotes! Tenny is still getting adjusted. She is just 14 months old and was in a car for the 2nd time in her life yesterday. It was a rough day for her, but she is already getting acclimated to being with us and going about her duties.

As you can see, the fencing around the barn is also finished! We are ready!

Happy Knitting! (PS - I finished a sleeve on the shrug. Just one more to go and then I'll have a finished object at long last!)