Monday, May 4, 2009

Beautiful Blogiversary

Saturday, May 2, this blog turned one year old. I was planning on commemorating the event with a post on the day, but it so happened that I was taking 57 middle school orchestra students to Kings Island for the day, all day. I was dreading it all week, due to a horrible weather forecast. Every time I logged onto the weather website, there was a greater chance of rain and chilly temperatures. Until Saturday morning, when suddenly, the precipitation percentage dropped to 30% and only "showers" were predicted. As our buses rolled closer to Ohio, the sky became progressively bluer and sunnier. Once at the park, it was a P E R F E C T day for riding roller coasters and entertaining young teenagers.

On top of that, there was plenty of time on the bus to start some knitting that also included stash busting. Here is a little headband that I came up with.

Pattern: Mine 108 stitches in the round
Needles: size 4 16" circulars
Yarn: leftover from reindeer headband in Christmas post
Knit 11 rounds
Purl 1 round
Knit 4 rounds
Add blue in this pattern (go bottom to top)
Knit 1 round in original color
Knit 1 round in contrasting color
Repeat pattern above in contrast
Knit 1 row in contrasting color
Knit one row in original color
Repeat pattern above
Knit 4 rows in original color
Purl one row
Knit 11 rows
Bind off, fold inward at purl rows, and sew together
Started: May 2, 2009
Finished: May 3, 2009

Happy Beautiful Birthday, Blog!

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