Saturday, May 21, 2011

Precious Pucker

A colleague in A's department was raising money for a school in Kenya. Another colleague promised to match the first $500 of donations. Students and faculty donated money in $10 increments in exchange for a vote... A vote for one person on the faculty to KISS AN ALPACA!!

Yesterday, we hosted a party for the faculty and students at Shady Grove Alpaca Farm so the winner could plant a juicy one on an unsuspecting alpaca..

Fetching the animals.

The professor is preparing his lips for the big kiss. Will the alpaca turn into a princess? Oh wait, his wife is the department chair - she will have none of that, I'm sure!

SMOOCH!!!! Bella loved every second of it!

No animals were harmed in this experiment!

'Greta either felt left out, or sorry for the poor professor. She gave him a giant arm snuggle!

'Greta also enjoyed entertaining the little one at the party.

Alpacas in retreat.

Elsewhere on the farm: first Iris in bloom. These were in a neglected garden in front of the first house we bought. My mother split them and took some to her house. Eight years later, she had to split them in her garden and now they're baaaaack!

Bleeding Hearts: must belong to a vampire as they are quite white...

Chives - so tasty and beautiful.

An amphibious friend hanging out on a window sill.

He might need a kiss... Pucker up!

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