Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ribby Ruffley Cowl Experiment

I fell in love with some Berroco Boboli yarn at the Orchardside Yarn Shop in Virginia on vacation last summer. However, I was too cheap (and busy) to invest in the necessary 3 skeins for the short-sleeve T I was drooling over. So instead I experimented with a little one-skein improvised cowl pattern starting in rib and then finishing with a little ruffle.
 It looks a little silly with no neck inside! More like a volcano or artistic vase. :-)

I made the Ruffle using THIS tutorial. 
Wearing it turns out to be fun with options.

Plain put it on and go look.
Folded down neck for added warmth on a windy day.
Folded look under a jacket in the cold.
The muffler; or is that a spy film I should be auditioning for?

Finally, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Who would have thought that 2014 could get here so quickly? For me, 2013 surely had some severe tribulations, but I did enjoy the second half much more and am gratefully counting my blessings. The BEST to all of you! Till next year and next time... :-)

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