Saturday, September 27, 2014

Peru 4: Alpamayo: Sunset, Sunrise, Repeat

One of my favorite things about hiking in the back country is having access to sights that not everyone can take a picture of from the road. Mount Alpamayo is one of those amazing places. This mountain is an almost perfect pyramid, leaving room for only four people at the summit. We hiked two days worth of mileage so that we could have a rest day at this campsite and plenty of photo opportunities in case there were too many clouds.
Approaching Alpamayo Campsite
Sunset pictures begin. Note the red "toilet tent," but don't get too excited.
There is only a pit under there. Privacy was nice though!
Sunset time lapse
EXCEPT, suddenly the whole range turned a brilliant reddish pink color.
It was like magic.
Fire on the mountain
Crack of dawn
A little sun
East face lights up

Time for some day hiking!
The destination is always further than it looks...
Coming over the lake embankment.
Alpamayo presiding over its glacier lake.
Fun with photo settings. I do like the drama of this shot.
(Don't ask me what I did. I am awesome largely by accident!)
Relaxing and enjoying the view after hiking and eating lots of pachamanca.
Another great sunset.

Sunrise number 2: cloudy with a chance of hiking all day!
The clouds lift as we settle into the next expansive valley.
One last zoomed view.
Adios, fair mountain.

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