Monday, April 25, 2016

Chicken Win, Chicken Loss

Win: one of our little Australorp chickens has started laying eggs!!! They are tiny and cute, and the most amazing purplish-flesh color. Shown here with a Heinrich mammoth egg sample for contrast.

Loss: a fox or coyote ate another one of said Australorp chickens - THROUGH THE BARS of the dog run chicken coop. A second chicken has a broken leg. These chickens are being raised for The Farmer's dinner plate. He was not amused. Dog run is now reinforced with what else, but chicken wire.

Fox also trampled the potato beds. Farmer's wife not thrilled either. Beds now surrounded by screens. Bugger off, ye wilde beastie!

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kjramstack said...

We've had a fox hanging around our farm. We don't have any chickens so we've enjoyed watching him trot around and hope he's keeping the rodents away from our garden. BUT - we've been talking about getting chickens so then I imagine my opinion of the fox will change.