Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yarn Along - Color Affection

It's been a while since I joined the Yarn Along at Ginny's: 
Today I have a tiny bit of down time, so here goes.
I started this Color Affection shawl using Shady Grove Alpaca fingering weight yarn in late March, and those rows just keep getting longer and longer. And longer. I'm trying to make a push for the finish before I start another smaller project. I haven't settled into a new book yet. I did finish Outlander on CD last week, which I enjoyed, but did not love.
In the mean time, the garden is flourishing. We enjoyed the first broccoli of the season for dinner tonight.
A visit to my parents' house I got to see my favorite rose hedge burst into bloom over the last few days. 

Till next week. Maybe the shawl will be finished...

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Lucy Bowen said...

The roses are glorious and your shawl looks lovely.