Sunday, September 17, 2017

Just Waiting for My Tea to Cool

It's that insane part of the year, filled with way too many activities, vegetable canning, playing exam grading responsibilities, playing music professionally, etc, etc. And the weather is offering up (a few) cooler days. In other words, it would be nice to knit every now and again, both to take the edge off of all the stress and to celebrate Fall. A few years ago I deliberately delayed mindless knitting, trying to force myself to be creative and productive in every facet of my life. Fortunately I realized the error of my ways, so I could learn from them at a later date...

This year I am simply reaching for a new Done by Monday blanket that I started last summer and following that easy pattern when I have the urge. Plus, I definitely need to stay productive while I am waiting for a quart jar full of boiling hot peppermint tea to cool down every few hours on the weekend. This is not the season that offers rest for the weary, after all!

Happy Fall! 

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