Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Washcloth Factory

It’s Yarn Along Day! Check other crafty goodness out here: 

Let’s start with the reading, which was featured in January as well. I am actually going to through-hike the 58-mile-long Knobstone Trail this week! Just a little reading to brush up on the details before I leave early tomorrow morning. I am beyond excited!!! Woohoo!

I’ve been wanting some mindless knitting and needing some quick end-of-school thank you gifts for the secretaries. Washcloths to the rescue. Now I can’t stop, though, so if you know someone who needs a washcloth, message me!

This is the little gift combo I came up with for some important secretaries: reuse cute pails that a student gifted me cookies in with a handmade washcloth, some organic handcrafted soap, and a thank you note.

Happy Summer and enjoy your crafting!


kjramstack said...

I've been working on washcloths too - leaf-shaped ones. I am going to wrap a bar of handmade soap up in them and give them as thank-yous to the girls who are throwing my baby shower this weekend. Enjoy your hike! Are you backpacking?

Elisabeth said...

Wow, leaf-shaped washcloths sound amazing! Congratulations on the impending arrival of new offspring!

The backpacking ended early due to extreme heat, way too many ticks, and not enough water stashed. We're going to section hike the rest of the trail in the autumn, when it is cooler and less buggy!