Monday, October 8, 2018

Updates Available 

My phone recently reminded me that I needed to update it. It seems like a good idea all around my life. This Fall has gotten a little out of hand. (It begs the question of which Fall HASN'T gotten out of hand in recent years, but I digress...) Here are a few moments from around the farm:

China Cat Sunflower has a new favorite perch on the back of the couch. Not seen: drooling over my shoulder into my cereal bowl. Just kidding! But he does like to investigate any cuisine that might be consumed over one's shoulder. Wishful thinking, cat!

Thanks and Giving are cheerfully eating us out of house and home. They look rather large, but I hope they will continue to get bigger as the days to Thanksgiving grow closer.

Below, we have alpacas chewing lots of lush, freshly rained upon grass this October. I love Moonstar's funny face in this picture!

While the sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, tomatoes, squash, and green beans have all died back and been ripped out, (empty bed above yearning for some carrot seeds and winter greens) the peppers think that October is a great time to ripen. I suspect that our alpaca poo fertilizer was a bit rich. They like to make too much foliage and no fruit when fed too well. Glad they are coming to their senses!

A few snapdragons are enjoying the late summer heat. It was mostly too hot along this wall this year. The flowers were truly underwhelming.

A friend came by to visit. The alpacas and Tenny were so happy to have a new person they could pester for food and petting.

That's a snapshot of events around here. Behind the scenes of this blog, there might be a lot of music prep, test grading, concertizing, etc. Till next time, may the weather cool down enough for you to start enjoying your woolly clothes!

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