Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy Hat & Yarn Along

Happy New Year, friends! Yesterday I had to drop my nephew off at the airport and took just one piece of entertainment: a fresh ball of yarn and knitting needles. He was flying as an unaccompanied minor, which requires the responsible party to wait until the plane is in the air before leaving the airport. Sure enough, the plane was delayed by several hours, allowing me to get most of the hat finished!

  • Pattern: Wurm, with some modifications (due to winging the pattern!)
  • Yarn: A Wing and a Prayer Farm “Thelma and Louise” DK
  • Needles: Size 4 & 6
  • Start date: January 1
  • Finish date: January 2
  • Ravelry notes here:

I love how springy the hat is, making it super warm and insulated. It was my first time knitting with a mohair blend, and I really liked the feel! I hope it doesn’t pill to much because the yarn was already pilling coming off the skein... We’ll see how it holds up.

I got a few biographies and the novel “Dictator” for Christmas. I had to laugh, as my mom had written the tag from both her and my dad (who passed away in 2017 and loved talking about politics). Looking forward to reading a good thriller of Ancient Rome before passing it back to my youngest brother, who originally gifted it to my dad!  The circle of stories...

Please join all the lovely folks at Ginny’s Yarn Along to get your next pattern and book ideas:


Emily said...

Love that hat!!!!!! So springy and fun.

Eileen said...

Great hat!

karen said...

I am planning a cast on of that pattern for me, I have knit many and have given many away as gifts. I have a green one but want a gray one!

Ravenna said...

Ha! What an interesting and fun hat! Great choice :)