Thursday, February 7, 2019

Yarn Along: Finishing Up!

I’ve been looking at my Ravelry account and noting a few long-time projects that really should be finished by now. After pulling out this sample knit that I am calling “Neck Toaster,” I realized that I only needed a few more rows until completion. It was finished less than an hour later... Since my blogger account is refusing to upload photos today, here is the Ravelry link:
The yarn is from our farm, Shady Grove Alpacas, and is Lopi spun with 10% tencil added in. It took 5.7 ounces of yarn from a skein that weighed just over 6 ounces. Our lovely first cria, Dark Star, was kept in full fleece for 21 months, yielding 12 POUNDS of 11 inch long locks that had to be spun Lopi-style. It is a ridiculously rich and heavy fabric! Here is a link to Dark Star’s first shearing day:
Yarn Along day at Ginny’s was yesterday, and I definitely recommend viewing some additional fun craftiness on other blogger’s pages here:
Till next time!

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