Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ramble On Rose

Back in early August, The Farmer decided to add one more alpaca to the herd. We really needed a friend for Dark Star, and it would be nice to possibly have another option for breeding. We headed to a farm about an hour from us, where the owners had several boys for sale. 

Introducing: Ramble On Rose! He was the most handsome alpaca, and his name was already Ramble On. Adding a "Rose" sealed the deal to keep the farm names aligned with Grateful Dead song titles.

In true Shady Grove Alpaca fashion, the ride home in the rental cargo van was hilarious. This alpaca was all about the selfies and humming non-stop. Downtime from photography sessions was spent peeing a half dozen times in the back of the van. Nothing a quick hosing down couldn't fix upon arrival.

Ramble is very well-tempered, leash trained, and easy to work with. He is also super friendly when he gets a visitor in the barn.

At home with the new siblings! The boys immediately started a vigorous neck wrestling contest. The life in the barn has completely changed. Ramble is very vocal and loves to hum and announce whatever is going on. So cute! 

 Personally, I can't wait for the spring shearing and adding another color to the Shady Grove color palette. Happy knitting!

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