Monday, June 14, 2021


I think this might be my last COVID-19 post, since I made most of this shawl before being fully vaccinated. I knit surprisingly little during the pandemic, but this project helped me pick up steam again. Introducing the Shady Grove Yarn starring in Slipstravaganza by Stephen West, which was launched as a Mystery Knit A Long in October, 2020. It was my first experience with a Stephen West pattern, and I was not disappointed. It just took me quite a few more months than most other participants!

I once again used fingering weight yarn from our foundation herd animals: Greta (black), Bella (brown), and Moonstar (white). The gray is yak yarn from a local yarn store. The next time I have yarn made, I will get fewer yarn weights and ask for a mix of black and white for a shade of gray. I really wanted to use only farm colors but only had three choices; other yarn weights have less options, in case I want to make something in multiple colors.

My favorite thing about the pattern is the i-cord edges that go around the entire shawl. I-cord is the most appropriate edge for the Shady Grove yarn. The most tricky thing about the pattern is planning the slipped stitches in the row before they need to be slipped. Make sure to make the loops extra long with this yarn, otherwise the rows underneath will pucker.

Upon finishing a very quick blocking of the knit (I laid it out and pinned it in under 7 minutes), we headed out East for a vacation. I managed to not pack enough warm clothes for a trip to the top of Mt. Washington (26*), so it got a little field trip up and down the mountain on the cog train. 

Stay safe out there, and PLEEEEEEASE get your vaccine if you haven't yet. And don't forget to remain kind. Much love to you, friends!

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