Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have had a lot of things to do lately. Primarily, there was LOTS of packing, cleaning, painting, remodeling, and moving on the agenda. On top of those activities there were concerts to perform on the viola, Fall festivals and concerts to present with my Orchestra students at school, and a student teacher to supervise. Now I am ready to do a little relaxing and resume my favorite hobby, just in time for making all of those holiday gifts! But let me share a few pictures from "before, during, and after."

Looking into the living room from the front entrance:
BEFORE (boring...)

DURING (good riddance to that carpet / hello wheat grass color on the wall)

ALL MOVED IN! (wood floors and furniture in place. Where are my pictures?!)

Looking into the dining area from the living room:
BEFORE (How unattractive is off-white EVERYTHING?!)

DURING (New chandelier, color, flooring ready to be laid.)

AFTER (Dinner anyone?)

The view down a very long driveway. Many leaves have fallen since this picture was taken.

Some morning frost on the marigolds.

Of course I must confess to stealing a few moments to finish up with the summer knitting...

More on those soon! Happy Knitting!

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