Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer! Summer!

Summer began a full two weeks ago for me. Before all of it gets away, I would like to make a few goals and be a little more accountable for all of my free time...

1. Blog every week. If I can post 5x in a busy month named November, certainly I can update this space once a week in the summer.

2. Finish some unfinished knitting projects. In the queue are:
Colts scarf (almost finished)
Lace shrug (missing the arms)
Tomten sweater for a little child
Tomten sweater for an adult
Lap blanket
Look for these and more.

3. Play lots of music and master my viola d'amore.

4. Garden, garden, garden!

5. Get some great bike rides in every week.

No post is fully complete without a picture. Here is my viola d'amore.

The viola d'amore and the garden are getting the most attention so far. And now the blogging goal has some hope as well.

Happy Knitting!

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