Friday, April 30, 2010

Forgotten Reveal: Emma Jacket II

Somehow I forgot to show off another Christmas reveal, perhaps because I never had a brilliant photo shoot before hastily wrapping and gifting it. And (WAH-Wah-wah) because it did not fit quite right due to a recent pregnancy that my sister-in-law was recovering from. I still hope that she will be able to use next season when everything is back to normal.

The Details:
Pattern: Emma Jacket (
Size: 36
Needles: size 7 & 5
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, 4 balls
Colorway: Petal Shower

I really enjoyed making this pattern the first time, but was not as excited about the yarn the second time, which diminished the experience. It wasn't as squishy and flexible. I also decided to knit from two balls to prevent pooling in the hand-painted yarn. That was tricky and so I forgot to add one of my most favorite design element, the two rows of purls near the top of the pattern. I was already dividing for the sleeves when I noticed and did not want rip back. On the whole I loved how the colors turned out. The hanks of yarn looked like they had SOOO MUCH white in them, but it blended into a nice pink product.

And this sweater as a work in progress also made a guest appearance on Gina's blog here:

Happy Knitting!

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