Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Did you know alpacas were animals that liked to take a walk on a leash? Me either, but it is a nice way for them to go out and get some air! We didn't go far, and they did not seem interested in grazing.

If you give a girl an alpaca,
she'll want to take it for a stroll.
If the walk is long,
she will want to feed the alpaca some grain.
The grain will make the fleece grow twice a fast,
and the girl will want to shear it.
After shearing the alpaca,
the girl will need a drum carder.
And when all the fiber is aligned as roving,
she will need a spinning wheel.
When the roving is spun to yarn,
the girl will knit shawls and sweaters.
When many knit goods are completed,
she will demand a store,
In which to sell her goods.
To make more money,
To buy another alpaca...
To take on another stroll...

Oh yes, I'm getting ahead of myself: Happy Knitting!

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