Monday, November 1, 2010


We brought our first farm animal home yesterday! I have never been more enthusiastic about an animal, let alone a dog. This young lady is truly magnificent. Her stature is noble, her coat is composed of a wonderful thick white fur that does not get dirty, and her personality is out of this world. I could not think of a more gentle and loving animal. The aura of serenity that floats around her is unbelievable. Nonetheless, she is a guard dog and has an energetic bark. Watch out deer and coyotes! Tenny is still getting adjusted. She is just 14 months old and was in a car for the 2nd time in her life yesterday. It was a rough day for her, but she is already getting acclimated to being with us and going about her duties.

As you can see, the fencing around the barn is also finished! We are ready!

Happy Knitting! (PS - I finished a sleeve on the shrug. Just one more to go and then I'll have a finished object at long last!)

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