Monday, March 28, 2011

Surprise Gift Bags

In addition to Nephew #1, my parents also celebrate their birthdays in March. I whipped up another reversible gift bag for the occasion. For a March birthday we have a display of yummy cherries.

For Christmas, sparkly gingerbread men are the feature. My mother was eyeing this fabric with great interest at Christmas when I wrapped something else in it, and was sad when I immediately reused it for another gift. So, I thought it would a perfect part of her birthday present. I'm sure it was a nice surprise to peek inside the gift bag and see a favorite pattern.

The second bag is in use for the second time already, this time with spring flowers on the outside. Here are the two birthday bags, stuffed with gardening supplies and chocolate, just like their recipients asked for!

I have two wonderful friends who enjoy wine A LOT! In October during Fall Break, I picked up some wine at Hermes Winery in Sandusky, OH, for them.

I wanted to make the gift extra special and searched online for a wine bag pattern. This beautiful pattern and tutorial came up:

Sadly, one my lovely friends recently lost her dog to an illness. This was the third dog she lost within a year. Condolences of a special sort were in order.

My other friend is constantly doing me huge favors and is a great musical partner as well. I definitely owe her a token of appreciation. This fits the bill nicely.

Finally, it always amazes me how much time it takes for finished crafts to materialize! Fortunately, the process is usually as rewarding as the product, though there were a few incidents that demanded the use of a seam ripper on these projects...

Here's a toast to awesome family and friends!

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Patti said...

You are a wonderful friend!