Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alpaca Adventures

I'm sure a few years from now this event will have become commonplace, but today provided a fun new adventure. This afternoon, we loaded up a rental cargo van with four alpacas to take them to their shearing tomorrow morning. According to the Alpaca Farmer, it was one of the best days in recent memory. The trip certainly was a small and hilarious adventure.

Emerging from the barn on leashes.

Yummy! Some grass snacks on the way... tasty after all that dry hay this winter.

Surveying the cargo van.

Let's get in!

A big giant case of "WE DON'T WANNA!!!"

OK, the side entrance has steps. Moonstar jumps in.

'Greta is next.

Milling around inside the cargo van. Bella (facing the back window) was humming non-stop, except it sounded more like a cow in distress.

Hanging out, looking out at the cars behind us out of the back window!

A little relaxing makes the trip go easier. Of course 'Greta was spitting at the other alpacas most of way because they were touching her. And Sassafrass never did manage to lie down.

Visitor at the helm! Sassafrass was co-piloting for a little while with the Alpaca Farmer!

We all made it to our destination with no incidents... Unless you count Sassafrass peeing in the van literally 30 seconds before our arrival. Good thing we have mops and buckets to clean off the rubber floor mats... And Sassafrass will stay with her owners after shearing. We were just borrowing her...


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