Friday, April 1, 2011

Woodruff Mittens

This post is NOT an April Fool's joke. I finished the mittens shortly after lunch, and by the looks of the weather forecast, we can expect temperatures in the 30's during the next two nights. I am scheduling an evening stroll or two, decked out in my new accessories. See, I do need mittens in April...

The Woodruff mittens were a delightful find, though the knitting instructions confused me for the first 20 rows of charting. Then there was a sudden *CLICK* and I noticed the whole pattern, both on the chart and what to expect the knitting to look like. The rest of the mitten took an afternoon to knit up. Likewise, after a small break, the second mitten was born within a day's time. That left me with one last thumb and weaving in ends to finish yesterday.

The yarn, also a creation by Jared Flood, was also a wonderful find. Jared has a very inspiring story about its creation on his blog, listed below. Initially the yarn was an impulse purchase, but a few months later became happily matched with this pattern. There is plenty of yarn left over, and I intend to make my husband some fingerless mitts with the same pattern (minus the bobbles) and yarn. And then I will buy more of this yarn... and another pattern... But I digress... You would like more info:

The Details
Pattern: Woodruff Mittens, by Jared Flood
Yarn: SHELTER by brooklyntweed
Colorway: Soot
Needles: size 5 and size 7 DPNs
Size: pattern size
Started: December 25, 2010
Finished: April 1, 2011

My only hope is that blocking the mittens will not cause them to shrink. They ended up slightly wider and longer than the pattern predicted, and even so, just barely fit. I should have measured my hand first, but for the next mitten project, I will plan ahead for my oversized paws!

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