Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saddle Mountain Hike 8/1

Our trip has taken us from the wonderfully mysterious and foggy Rainier National Park, through the waterfall filled Columbia River Gorge (pictures to follow) to the Oregon coast. This day was particularly unusual because it was clear throughout the whole day and the mountains were not shrouded in any clouds. The wildflowers were stunning and the views exquisite.

Way in the back you see three volcanoes. They are a bit faint, but are identified as (left to right) Rainier, Mount St. Helen's, and Mount Adams. Also visible but not on photo were Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson in the far distance.

View of Pacific Ocean.

The mouth of the Columbia River flowing into the Pacific.

Indian Paintbrush.

Some sort of geranium?? Still need to look this one up.

A beautiful succulent known as Common Stonecrop was blooming everywhere on the higher rocks.

Lilies and daisies with a back drop of green hills. I was obsessed with the lilies and must have close to 100 photos of different ones with various backgrounds.

An Iris


Tall Purple Fleabane

Fox Glove. These line the roadways throughout Washington and Oregon. Heal-all is at it's base.

Finally a view of Saddle Mountain from halfway down the trail.

This is turning out to be a most satisfying hiking trip. Happy Summer to you too!

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