Friday, October 21, 2011

Winter Gardening

With the coming of the cold, I am looking forward to trying out some winter gardening. Unfortunately, my cold frame is a seriously drafty work in progress.

I recently read that it takes two 4x8 foot gardens to feed one person in the winter. I only have one box in that size and two people to feed, so I'm thinking that the draft won't really matter if I finish eating the goodies by November! I'll just start planting earlier in the spring.

Here is some spinach that is very tasty in salads.

Mâché and turnip greens are not quite as advanced. There are also some tiny carrot plants that may not make it. Additionally, the mustard greens and lettuce have re-seeded themselves in another bed. I should also post a picture of the colossal kale plants that will be consumed in great quantities soon.

I promise I'll do some knitting soon. I'll leave you with this inspiring photo of my mum plant.

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Holly White said...

Beautiful! I love spinach and green things and am impressed with your skills of all growing things. :-)

and so I must ask, how is the little one getting along? Any more cute toddler pictures of Dark Star???


Holly W