Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finished Sweater, Finished Book

Hello there Wednesday Yarn Along Day! Check out the rest of the action at Small Things today.

I finally finished my godson's Christmas sweater AND managed to get it in the mail to him. Pictures and reviews of the lad were extremely favorable! According to his mom, he is wearing it with everything, including sweatpants!

The Details:
Pattern: Hogwarts Sweater from "Charmed Knits"
Size: Child's Large
Yarn: Encore worsted (my favorite go-to yarn for children)
Colorway: Bluejeans for sweater, Butternut for letter "B"
Needles: Size 8 circulars and DPNs
Started: December 9, 2011
Finished: January 15, 2012 (Very bad Auntie...)
Modifications: I knit the front and back at the same time in the round and then knit back and forth on the front or back when I got to the armholes. I also started the sleeves on the finished top. I just do not like to do any seaming.

I stitched the "B" on the finished sweater. In retrospect, it would been easier to knit it in using the intarsia method. However, I designed the letter myself, and was making modifications as I was stitching, so everything turned out as it should in the end.

I finally finished reading "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson and David Relin. Of course I was awed by Greg Mortenson's monumental achievements building schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan, but I found his insights of the region during the post 9/11 era priceless. I wish this book were required reading for all of my middle school students. To look at another culture and see how the people yearn for even basic knowledge to help them lead better lives would help them understand that they have it so good here. Even though many of my students live near the poverty line themselves, they have much much more than a rural Pakistani child. They have a free, mandatory education, not to mention supplies, books, running water, roads, busing, and a free and reduced lunch program. We are so lucky.

Till next time!


Jennifer said...

The annual Weasley family sweater!! You shouldn't have shown us this--now we ALL want one!
The Beauty of Eclecticism

Cynthia said...

How sweet that he loves his sweater so much! It looks cozy too. :)

Cynthia @

Holly White said...

Just saying hi! Dreamt about you this morning opening a shop for all the wares you make. You had built a barn to host parties and sell to guests and your mom was there was stores of jams! I wondered: "so amazing she has such dedication to handmade AND is a full time teacher!" You are such a gift as you gift and create!