Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Garden Journal #1

There is no better way to keep yourself accountable for amazing garden results if there are potentially many viewers of your adventures. Bringing all of my work to one spot will make looking up what I did so much easier. I am the champion of writing items on small scraps of paper that always get lost or misplaced. Thanks to Ginny for making a linking list for like-minded individuals to share their labors!

This is my "beginning" shot. I have landscaping cloth on several garden beds to keep the feral cats from using it as a toilet. I weighed it down with old milk bottles that still contain (frozen) water from the rain barrel.

I haven't really stopped gardening as I am experimenting with a very primitive cold frame. The plastic on the top got a rip from some ice, so I just covered it up with floating row cover material. The rapid growth of the plants inside is telling me that enough light is indeed entering the cold frame. All the towels around the frame are covering some huge gaps in the plywood. Like I said primitive, but highly effective. Rainwater-filled cat litter containers are holding the plastic and row cover material in place so that the wind doesn't loosen them up.

A view inside the frame. The spinach regrows enough for me to harvest 1-2 dinner salads per week. I pick away leaves from the outside of each plant, allowing the inner leaves to re-grow. Behind the spinach is mache, the world's most delicious green, followed by turnips and carrots, which are both slowing adding bulk to their roots. I planted some radish seeds last Sunday, 2/26, in an empty spot as an experiment when (or if) they might show up.

My bulbs share a bed with some lettuce plants that have existed since last fall with no protection. The lettuce has survived, but has not grown any since fall.

Here is this weekend's harvest! I better go prepare that salad I was planning with dinner.

Best wishes for a productive growing season!


Elisa said...

Looks like a lovely garden! I had to leave a note because I love your blog name. I, too, knit. I also rather my niece and nephew call me Auntie E. We always used "Auntie" for my mother's sisters and "Auntie Elisa" just seemed like too much of a mouthful (and, quietly, an earful, too!). Good luck with your gardening!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

your garden looks lovely and how wonderful you are harvesting spinach and lettuce right now :) I have yet to get a winter cold frame going. I used the white floating row cover last year for the first time and it was amazing how fast and big everything grew underneath of it. I'm popping over from ginnys :) I'm participating in her garden journal updates to :)