Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Perfect Birth Day

Happy Birthday to Bella Oak's new cria girl, Cassidy, born on July 15th, 2012! The animals and humans at Shady Grove Alpacas have been eagerly awaiting her arrival since late June. Especially stressful was the fact that I was not home until July 4th and we had a family vacation planned from July 7-14... It has been hot hot hot here this summer and Bella was not going to let go of her cria until the weather shifted. After a joyous homecoming on the evening of the 14th, we enjoyed a terrific thunderstorm. The storm brought the temperature down just enough for Bella to decide that it was time. When we arrived in the barn on Sunday morning, we found Cassidy lying next to her mother. Cassidy immediately stood up and walked around, was nursing well, and was rolling in the dirt by early afternoon. We are a little worried about weak legs and are supplementing with some vitamins, and she seems to have developed some intestinal distress. However, she was born at an even 18 pounds and weighed in at 23.3 Saturday night. She is thriving and we hope that the little set backs will resolve themselves soon.
Checking out the new pen mate.
Hello Darling!
Crias are born in a thin sac that the mother apparently does not lick off. Cassidy must have been alive a few hours because the dried membrane was stuck to her fiber.
All clean!
Check out the bowed front legs...
Bella and Cassidy on July 15th.
Cassidy is one week old!
Mom and Cria
What big eyes you have!
To contrast the tiny half sister is last fall's cria, Darkstar, who is looking large and wooly!
I am dreading picking the hay out of his fiber before showing him this fall.
Not to be forgotten is our faithful guard dog, Tenny. (It took me 15 tries to get this photo. She just wants lots of hugs!)

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