Wednesday, August 1, 2012


"Yellow!" was the first word that my niece #3 enthusiastically exclaimed when she opened her early birthday present from me last Thursday. I knew that yellow was her favorite color after my visit with her during Spring Break. I brought her a coloring book and she delighted in saying "yellow" over and over again, demanding a yellow crayon, marker, or pencil in turns. So when I was shopping for souvenir yarn in Innsbruck, Austria, in June, my eye drifted to this luscious pale yellow yarn, and I knew this would turn into a perfect little sweater for her. The yarn is Lana Grossa's Linea Pura Latte. What a mouthful! It is a cotton/milkfiber blend, which was a little more comfortable to knit than regular cotton. I used size 5 and 7 needles using three out of four skeins of yarn.
The next step was looking for a pattern. I searched Ravelry under "child, sweater, worsted" and this lovely short-sleeved pattern named "Lucia" popped up. Someone else had also knit it in pale yellow, so it was not difficult to imagine my own finished product. I also thought it was perfect with short sleeves for summer and easy to layer a long sleeve T-shirt underneath for cooler times of the year.
Project started on July 18 and finished July 25. Very easy knit, though the yarn was splitty. I really enjoyed the easy lace pattern.
Photo above shown with long sleeve T-shirt layered under sweater as well as fun plaid shorts. T-shirt and shorts are a birthday present, compliments of a loving grandmother!
As you can see, it was NO PROBLEM getting the child into the sweater. She insisted on putting it on right away! (I love that!!) These pictures are a more true representation of the light yellow color.
Silly face!
I am joining up with Ginny today. The book I am reading is "Where Are You Wearing," by Kelsey Timmerman, which is the Freshman required reading book at the local university this year. It is a very eye-opening commentary on where our clothes come from and by whom they are made. I'm sure a knitter's group would have a lively discussion about this book! I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Looks like she loved it. So pretty!

Mistea said...

The sweater and model are gorgeous. Looks like a perfect match.
It sure is lovely when the recipient chooses to wear their present immediately.
The book sounds interesting Enjoy