Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Barn Expansion

It's amazing how quickly one outgrows space when the population doubles. And how the population seems to need an exponential amount of space when it doubles.
So a mere two years into the alpaca operation, our contractor added a third space, removing part of the side wall of the barn for another opening into another paddock area.
It's always fun to come home to see the building progress, whether it is large or small.
One of the reasons we had to get more agri-lime (yesterday's post), was to raise the area on this side of the barn and create a new run for the alpacas.
Since our septic area extends fairly close to the barn, we decided to use the moveable fencing for this section. The risk of ruining the septic field by digging post holes for permanent fencing seemed too risky.
Bella and Cassidy now live in the new pen. The unhappiest (most vocal?) alpaca protesting this move was 'Greta. She loves her herdmates!
We are all set for Spring weaning and having male alpacas as part of the operation here at Shady Grove. It's nice to have an extra bedroom! Speaking of which, we have some of those extra bedrooms for human visitors if you are in the area. Stop by. We'll spoil you!

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