Monday, November 19, 2012

Following Directions is NOT Optional

The Directions were clear: 1.) Do not take the big, heavy truck. The driveway may not be able to handle it, and you may not be able to turn around. 2.) Do not drive onto the pasture. Back the truck in to the agri-lime pile spot before dumping.
Clearly, these directions were too difficult to follow...
On top of getting stuck in the pasture - it had rained 1.5 inches and the truck was at the bottom of the hill where the water collects... - the driver thought lightening the load by dumping half of the agri-lime would help him get out. Indeed, the truck could not move forward due to the presence of the septic field in front of the truck, and could not move backward due to the pile behind his tires.
To add insult to injury, the driver started shoveling the pile into a new pile on the pasture, instead of taking it 5 feet - FIVE FEET - further to where the pile was actually supposed to be located. Three seasons of pasture development, during which we had two droughts, down the toilet.
Three of us spent two hours clearing the back of the truck while waiting for another driver to arrive to tow the driver out.
We got another set of truck tracks in random spots around the yard, but the second truck was able to tow out truck in the pasture. Five hours after the agri-lime arrived, the drivers finally left.
All ends well, fortunately. Our contractor was extremely gracious and helpful in correcting the problem. His son is a budding landscape artist and did all the work to even out the ruts and plant new grass.
Just add water and wait a few seasons...
So please, ladies and gentlemen, follow those directions precisely. They are probably given for a very good reason.

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