Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Sweaters for Sisters

Sharing this again at Ginny's Yarn Along on 1/9/13, since this was her pattern. Great stuff! Check out what everyone else is knitting too. Ahhh, the holidays! I always look forward to those few special gifts that will be a total surprise, a treat, fit perfectly, and delight the new owners. Such was the case of the two Sunday Sweaters!
Niece #1 had not gotten a sweater since 2006, a year and a garment that she has little to no recollection of.
She was thrilled to open her gift bag and find this sweater, made with Plymouth Encore yarn in colorway "rosebud" in size 6-7. Pink is her favorite, and she requested the color last summer when I measured her. The sweater fit perfectly, which I had been worried about. Several pictures of her that I got this Fall made her seem like she had grown up a lot. She should be able to enjoy this sweater for the rest of the cold season.
Niece #2 was a newborn when she received her first matching sister sweater and booties in 2006, so she definitely did not remember her first knit gifts. She put her new sweater on in record time.
This second sweater is made with Plymouth Encore yarn in colorway "mauvetone," size 4. Elephant buttons are always a hit with the younger crowd and purple is this young lady's favorite color.
Niece #1 stated that she would rather wear her new sweater than the fashionable jacket she cast off. Her mom agreed that she didn't blame her and would do the same if she had a hand-knit sweater. Both girls kept their sweaters on for a good long time until the room was truly too hot for second layers.
Oh the fun of cozy matching woolies! One more sweater reveal. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

They are so pretty, looks like the girls are happy too!

Jarka said...

really beautiful sweaters and how cute are the girls! I wish I had some small kid in our family to knit for... :)

EMMA said...

Beautiful knitting, they fit them so perfectly.

flyingjen said...

lovely sweaters! It's on my list to eventually create!

Victoria said...

How lovely! And complementary without being matchy-matchy.

Karen Sue said...

i love the sunday sweater...i want one in my size