Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Yokes and Yolks

The final sweater gift goes to Nephew #2, AKA The Godson, AKA "crafty cousin." Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, I have finished his sweater late, but I think he will still be OK with the product, even though it is missing the requested lightening bolts down the front! The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in colorway Malibu Sail. Dream in Color is a hand-painted superwash merino wool: love the hand-painted attributes, do not trust superwash wool. The quality of the yarn feels a little hard and a lot inflexible, and possibly a little thinner than a true worsted weight. I had difficulty getting gauge, which was a problem with this Elizabeth Zimmerman "count your own stitches" Norwegian yoke sweater pattern, found in her "Knitting Workshop" book. The last sweater I made with this yarn turned out a bit small, so I was nervous.
A half-finished sweater try-on at Christmas revealed that the sweater will fit fine, but I probably should have picked something with different shoulder shaping. Nephew #2 is built like a power lifter, and I had to re-knit some of the top accordingly. I almost wish that I had added a design in the yoke, but plain looks great also. Lightening bolts would have taken me a long time to design!
In fact, the yoke reminded me of this Mt. Ranier photo that I took summer of 2011 flying into Seattle!
Now off to block this beauty and get it in the mail.
Darkstar looks on from the snowy alpaca barn, wishing everyone a Happy New Year! And finally, a little preview of some introductions that I need to make tomorrow...
Here's to 2013! Be-GAWK!

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