Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coming Up For Air

It's been a crazy few weeks, so today I took my camera outside to see if I could relax for a few minutes. In times of over-scheduled days, I miss the garden most. It's so peaceful out there, and fortunately also self-sufficient. Ripening fruits were waiting for me at every turn. As you can see, I worked on the tomatoes by putting them away as sauce. There is one more batch of sauce waiting to be put into jars. Let the fall eating commence! There may or may not be much of a Fall/Winter greens garden this year. Seeds I planted in August came up and went crazy while it was hot again this month. The rest of the seeds just went in today... Let's see if the weather holds.
Butternut squash

One of a dozen

Acorn squash

Ever bearing strawberries 

Mmm... Tomato sauce
Those of you waiting for knitting have to wait again... I ran out of yarn on my current project and am pondering the right way to finish. Till next time!

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