Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Bountiful Garden

The summer is coming to a spectacular close. The mostly cool days have given way to an extra hot and muggy week, which the peppers and tomatoes enjoyed for the ripening process. I am also excited about the abundance of squash that suddenly appeared, especially since I did not put out seeds until the 2nd week of June. The rabbit eating my beans finally got a stomachache and left, giving me lots of beans to freeze for winter eating. And just in case I get a stomachache too, I will be making my own chamomile tea. Not pictured are massive amounts of cucumber, herbs, some buckwheat, new greens, broccoli and all of my finds at the farmers market. Here's to fresh eating... mmmmm!!!
Little salad peppers

Tomato heaven!

Chamomile for tea.

Butternut squash

Acorn squash

5 pounds of green beans

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