Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two Minute Mommy Spa

For some reason I got obsessed knitting cotton washcloths last summer. Mostly I used a bee stitch pattern, but I tried a few dragonflies as well. 

 As the number of washcloths grew, I started to wonder what to do with my growing collection.

It was about then that one of my local friends expecting her first baby invited me to her baby shower. So I made up this cute basket and included some hand crafted soap, just for her.

 I included silly directions:
...but forgot to write them down so I could remember to share them. In short, this gift was "just for mom," but I predicted that she would soon be using the washcloths and soap to cleanse her new son as well. You can already tell she will be that extra-devoted mother!

Joining with Ginny's yarn along today, but sadly no book to share!

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Dahle said...

What a great idea! The knitting is really pretty.