Sunday, March 29, 2015

Itching to Garden

A few winter aconites have graced our brown garden beds already, but I was really looking forward to getting my hands dirty before too long.

Last weekend I couldn't stand it any longer, so on a visit to Lowe's, I picked up a dozen broccoli plants and some pre-started spinach.

In no time, I had a garden bed prepared and all the plants tucked into their new earthen home. The weather forecast predicted temps in the teens (the forecast did not disappoint), so I threw a few layers of garden cloth over everything to keep them snug.

Yesterday I saw the first crocus clump in the garden.

My knit pig keeps going on journeys throughout the house. After he was found in a decorative basket of knit eggs, I couldn't resist this tableau.

Unfortunately all this chilly weather is still making me crave some new mitts. That is certainly the surest sign that spring is right around the corner, right?

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