Monday, April 6, 2015

Terrible Internet

This post was about most of Saturday's activities. The Internet was terribly slow, and I got behind on my trip posts.

First, we must stay on topic: there are all sorts of great shops where wonderful traditional knitted outfits may be purchased in Salzburg. I had a great time looking, but no knitting or purchasing happened at this time. Win!

First I give you, some cheese: the fountain in the Mirabell Gardens that were featured in The Sound of Music.

And the stairs where Do-Re-Mi happened. We have listened to the sound track of The Sound of Music about three times in our bus already. We are ready for something new. 

This is where Herbert von Karajan lived growing up. This beautiful house overlooks the Salzach River.

On the bridge over the Salzach looking into the old town and at the fortress. All the locks on the bridge are out there by couples who wish their relationship to last forever. You lock the lock to the bridge and then throw away the key into the river. Surely, you will not break up if you can't unlock your lock on the bridge...

The open air market had many delicious and beautiful items for sale. I thought the flowers were especially pretty.

The side of the cathedral as seen from inside the cemetery. Mozart's sister is buried here. This cemetery also shows up in The Sound of Music.

The view from the Festung Hohensalzburg, the fortress overlooking the city.

This is where Mozart was born! Great museum inside was worth the time to explore.

We had dinner in the oldest restaurant in Europe. Apparently Charlemagne dined here on a visit around the time this establishment opened. Yes, the date in the plaque is 803.

The dessert was a delicious half frozen vanilla mousse with cocoa Mozart and a treble clef on the side. Delicious and charming, though perhaps not in that order!

I am technically a day behind due to poor Internet service, as mentioned previously. Today we went to the Salt Mines near Salzburg, visited the Melk Abbey, where we also had a short Easter service just for our group, and then drove the enormously long way to Vienna, where we enjoyed a concert at the Musikverein, that many of us know from watching the New Year's Concert. I will load pictures and brief descriptions tomorrow. 

I leave you with this funny picture and wish you a Happy Easter!

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