Thursday, June 11, 2015

Who Are YOU?!

Last week The Farmer came inside from the barn with the statement: One of the alpacas looks huge...

I ventured out soon after, and there was no denying a sizable difference between the alpaca in question and the other ladies... A few days ago I spent 30 minutes watching her stomach, and decided that I saw some kicking.

Yesterday The Farmer came home after work to be greeted by this cute cria! SURPRISE!!!!

Alien cria at Shady Grove Alpacas
She was already dry, wobbling around, and nursing, so things are looking good for her health.

Why didn't we know about this new cria? Well, we had a male who rolled under the fence last year, and it turns out that the vet's version of the morning after pill is not 100% effective. We didn't give it a second thought until last week.

My mommy is sooo tall!
Unfortunately the genetics of this animal are not up to the usual high standards that we have around here, so we are not naming her in the hope that she will be easier to sell next summer.

      Looking for some fun!

But there was a brief conversation about the name Ripple. I think it is perfect for an awesome little girl cria born on a 90 degree June day. The song and the new alpaca make us happy, but we'll keep the name unofficial. Love you, little one!

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