Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yarn Along - Baby Sweater

Today's Yarn Along post comes from the road. I am spending my time in the passenger seat knitting one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's patterns: February baby sweater on two needles, while enjoying the rest of the book in between rows. This sweater will match the first of the same pattern that I knit; twin nieces whose sister got the first one will be the recipient(s).

My other book is a biography of Alma Mahler, written in German. Time to hone the multiple language skills now that it's summer! 

Joining with Ginny. Check out the rest of the projects here:


Cathy said...

You are doing something I have thought I would do, knit up one, or two, or three! of EZ's patterns in this book.

Lucy Bowen said...

I love neutral baby sweaters and I love your buttons!