Saturday, August 1, 2015

Needle Felting: Poking Fiber is Fun!

This summer my nephew and niece, "The Crafty Cousins," both got the Klutz Needle Felting Kit as a vacation treat. 

My godson took a particularly enthusiastic shine to fashioning all the animals in the kit.
Here he is showing off most of his felted critter zoo!

After he was finished, he asked what color owls he should make:
Well, that's easy: purple and green, of course! I am so excited that my nieces and nephews are developing an interest in the fiber arts. They will certainly become famous on this proud Auntie's blog if they keep it up!

Speaking of children crafting with felt: I was doing some cleaning and ran across this old kit that I made when I was a child! I was shocked that I basically finished the project, because I was never very good at completing anything that wasn't required. Having said that, check out my version of Grandma's hair on the right...

In other news, some wild apple trees in the garden area are getting ready to treat us to applesauce, jelly, and dried fruit slices. My mouth is already watering!

Of course you are wondering about the turkeys. They are growing nicely and their feathers are starting to come in everywhere. For some odd reason they are very tame. They like to sit in my hand and take a little nap if I let them. Very peaceful. The one I am holding is a bully, though. It takes every opportunity to peck the other turkey's beak or feet. 

Well, summer is most unfortunately over for me. Last week I spent a lot of time preparing for Orchestra Camp. The students come tomorrow for four long and fun days, followed by a three day weekend and then back to business on August 10. It's going to be a good year!

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