Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Peep, Peep, Gobble, Gobble!

The Farmer has a new project: TURKEYS! The chicks are so adorable and they are constantly making cute peeping noises. One of them is a bully and pecks the other in the beak whenever possible. I guess you have to establish pecking order immediately.

There is plenty of beauty in the yard right now. The side of the house has exploded with snapdragons. I have been pretty aggressive about cutting them after blooming and for bouquets in the hopes that they will continue to multiply the side shoots.

The last of the broccoli harvest came in today. Now I must decide what to plant in that bed next...

Last summer the chickens got to eat a lot of spoiling tomatoes that have reseeded themselves. Kind of a fun mess. It will be interesting to see what the yields are.

In the two days that have not featured rain as the main weather attraction, the tomatoes I planted on purpose are starting to get red! The sunny skies have produced a sigh of relief from many a garden bed. We'll probably be complaining about the lack of rain in a month again...

The gooseberries were picked before the chipmunks found them and immediately made into jam instead of getting frozen. I think I will give these cute jars away for the holidays this year.

Finally, the product of my rampant weed cultivation is finally dry and stored as a winter's worth of dried chamomile tea. But not to worry, new plants are sprouting, preparing us all for the fresh chamomile tea experience, as well as continued weeding.

Enjoy your summer days!

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