Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Game of Pig - Yarn Along

I don't know why, but tiny knit pigs make me so happy! Recently there were leftover yarn scraps from another project that were the right color for little pigs, so I added to the collection. 

The first little pig joined the pig that scurries around our house in a game of chess.

Making more moves. They are better players than I! 

The second pig materialized at my friend's house. Snow on the roads kept me at my friend's house an extra night.

So I raided her yarn stash and made her an ornament for her tree, which she keeps up well after Christmas. Just like my family used to. 

Yarn pig friends. The variegated pig can almost pass as a cat, very plump and fuzzy!

The pattern is Chichester and is available free here:

Joining Ginny for knitting inspiration here today:


Elise said...

Tiny pigs! They're so cute :)

Lucy Bowen said...

Oh my, they are gorgeous, I've downloaded the pattern.