Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Quest for Mitts

Last year I had a crazy daydream that I would knit and wear some finger-less mitts before winter had passed. It seemed like every other blog post yearned for them.

Last weekend I finally finished a pair that I wanted to give my mother for Christmas. Quest for mitts becomes a success! Ravelry link here.

Yarn: The Alpaca Yarn Co, Classic Lite
I can't wait to knit up another pair in our home-grown yarn in a few weeks! Only a short while left to wait before our first batch of yarn comes back from the mill!

It's almost too warm for any sort of knits this winter. Temperatures expected in the 50's this week.

But that warmer weather is great for putting our new set of chickens outside for an inaugural trial of outdoor living. As you can see, they still have a few things to figure out. There are 75 square feet in which to run around in, yet they choose to lay all over each other in the tiniest corner.

Finally, a little pig update. Couldn't resist making a purple one in honor of my favorite restaurant. Yum!

The three dark pink ones went to live with my work siblings as late Christmas gifts. A few jars of homemade gooseberry jam accompanied them to their new homes.

Finally, "reading" some Harry Potter on CD these days. I'm almost through book three already. What are you crafting and reading? Join the fun at Ginny's for more fun posts and ideas!


Unknown said...

Your mitts look lovely :) I've got a cabled pair on the needles but I've stalled on the second one a bit.

Chickens are funny creatures aren't they. We've got three bantams and they've got such character, I love chatting to them and watching them in the garden

CathieJ said...

Those mitts are very pretty. I have crocheted one pair, but I rarely wear them. Those chickens look a little scared and confused.

Elizabeth said...

I love the piggies! And the mitts too, so pretty.

Elise said...

I love the mitts, they're such handy things! (no pun intended!) Cute piggies too :)