Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Knitting Treat!

My first project using our yarn from Shady Grove Alpacas 100% Suri is complete! I decided to knit the Wheaton Cap by designer Anne Hanson of The yarn is sport weight and from our alpaca named The Eleven.

The unblocked hat had a lot of definition and contour, thanks to the massive amount of spinning oil still in the fiber.


There was an interesting architectural and sculptural concept to the hat.

But of course alpaca in general, and Suri specifically, relaxes A LOT in the bath. A beautiful sheen, halo, and drape developed through the blocking process. And the color lightened a little after all the oil and grime got washed out.

The pattern is more subtle post wash, but oh my is this hat soft and pliable! This fiber stretches quite a bit, so even though I was conservative in choosing the head size, the fabric stretched enough to fit almost loosely. The drape of the extra fabric in the back of the hat is almost overwhelming, so if super slouchy is not your style, knitting it a bit shorter is advisable.

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Donna said...

Such a pretty hat! That alpaca yarn must be so soft!

Lisa Uotinen said...

Love this!