Saturday, April 15, 2017

Twitchy Mitts

I have an annoying addiction to my cell phone, so I decided that I needed to do something about my twitchiness over Spring Break. Every time I was tempted to pick up my phone, I would reach for the knitting needles instead. The plan was not fool-proof, so I also made myself add knitting time to equal the time I spent on the phone. With no real effort, these wonderful mitts finally made a debut:

I've had my eye on the Spring Foliage pattern by Alana Dakos since it was published, and last year procured the pattern book for very little money in a yarn store that was liquidating its merchandise. 

(click on this and next two images for full size photo)
The yarn had also traveled around the world during this trip. I never got past the first cuff on that iteration of mitt knitting. The dream of mitts will only die if you make some, it turns out!

The worsted weight Malabrigo Rios yarn combined with small size 3 needles made a very dense fabric. They will be of better service next fall when the days are less than today's 79*. Complete notes on Ravelry found here.

Finally, I have a set of mitts to go with a shawl/ scarf that I made during a different Spring Break that was ultra snowy. 

Here's wishing you a beautiful Springtime with great knitting projects! Maybe next break I'll twitch by playing some viola...

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