Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cool Slice of Watermelon

Who doesn't love a cool slice of watermelon in the middle of a hot summer?! That's what I thought when I spotted this free infant cardigan pattern on ravelry a few weeks ago.

I needed to make something in the 18 month size.

(click picture to make larger)
I also dislike purling, so I thought joining in the round and making a dress would solve that little problem easily.

Let's just adore some cuteness on the model for a few minutes!

Oh yes, we needed some after-thought bloomers to complete the ensemble. Thanks to MountainMaeBaby on Etsy for sending these directly to the young lady in question; they arrived exactly on time before I had to leave.

What a treat to be able to visit with family and give my niece her birthday presents a few months early!

(click picture to make bigger)
Directions for upsizing the pattern are on my ravelry project page found here.

Stay cool! Enjoy summer, while it lasts… Have some watermelon!

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