Saturday, August 12, 2017

China Cat Sunflower

A week ago Wednesday, we had a very violent early evening thunderstorm in the neighborhood. It cleared up after dinner, so I decided to take my semi-regular walk. About a half mile away from home, I suddenly hear the tiniest and most urgent set of meows I have ever heard, and out of the tall grass in the ditch emerges one of the smallest kittens I have ever met. To avoid stepping on the kitten's head (and honestly trying to discourage the kitten from following me home), I ran all the way home. Alas, kitty cat has a relentless bounding stride and even the last steep hill on the driveway did not deter it.  Both The Farmer and I said, "We cannot have a cat right now." But then this happened the next morning:

Hanging out… looking forlorn.
Hello? (Getting curious…)
Hmmm, smells pretty good! (Cat liked the alpaca poo stench, apparently!)
Put your phone down and pet me-ow!!!
Never mind, I think I'll lurk around the deck.
Wait, didn't you give me some milk last night?
Must! Climb! On! Your! Neck!

Ladies, and gentlemen, The Farmer ended up taking the cat to the vet instead of the pound. Meet China Cat Sunflower, who loves to cuddle, meow, play, and climb anything you let him. We are letting him get a little bigger before unleashing him on the mice and the chipmunks in the barn. In the meantime, he is keeping us entertained!


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